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100% Grass-Fed and Regeneratively Grazed Beef

Why our beef is better:

  • Serve truly nourishing meals to your family

    Our cattle do the natural thing: convert simple sunlight, soil, and plants into healthy protein, vitamins, and minerals for us. Our cattle eat only a healthy mix of grasses, legumes, and brassicas and are never fed grain or grain by-products. They're never injected with hormones or antibiotics.

  • Enjoy overwhelming flavor

    Whether you choose your favorite individual cuts or prefer to stock a deep freezer with our bulk beef bundle options, you'll savor every bite of our beef. Whether its a perfectly seared steak or slow cooked roast for dinner, all our beef is dry-aged to perfection (try finding that in the grocery store) and your family will know why we call it Beef Raised to be Delicious!

  • Support regenerative agricultural practices

    Our cattle graze open fields of perennial pastures and cover crops. Daily rotation to fresh forage mimics natural grazing, which optimizes the cattle's nutritional intake, the health of the plants they graze, and ultimately our health. This integration of cattle and cover-cropped farmland increases biomass in and on the soil, retains soil nutrients in place, naturally breaking pest cycles, and building a healthy population of microorganisms in the soil.

  • Know your farmer and support a family farm

    We're in Middletown, IN. The only step between our farm and your family’s dinner table is a local, family-owned and USDA-inspected butcher. Your beef will come from one farm, not a distributor with unknown sourcing.

  • Convenient delivery with free shipping

    Your beef will be shipped frozen on dry ice directly to your doorstep. You'll get shipment notifications so you'll know when it ships and when it's expected to arrive. Getting real food for nourishing meals couldn't be simpler.

  • The Farmer's Handshake Guarantee

    Unlike the grocery store options, we want you to know your farmer and love our product. Every purchase is backed by our Farmer's Handshake Guarantee. If you're disappointed in any way, we'll make it right.

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100% Grass-Fed

No grains or grain by-products ever. Our cattle graze only thriving pastures and diverse cover crops.

Nutritious Beef

Daily rotation to fresh forage mimics natural grazing, which means healthier cattle and more nourishing beef.

Regeneratively Grazed

Give your family the benefit of diverse forages and regenerative practices. Our cattle have never seen a feedlot.

Family Farm

The only step between our farm and your family’s dinner table is a local, family-owned, and USDA-inspected butcher.

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